Aims & Scope

Journal of Science Molinai is an international journal peer-reviewed in the field of natural and agricultural sciences. Published by Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas & Biodiversidad (Dept. CBB) and Programa de Investigación Biológica & Ambiental (Programa IBAM) at Universidad de Los Lagos, including studies in zoology, botany, ecology, genetics, aquatic resources, agronomy, forestry, food resources, sustainability and Earth sciences.

Submitted manuscripts must provide clear theoretical foundations, describes hypothesis-driven investigations supported by rigorous analysis or novel perspectives on any aspect of natural or agricultural sciences that be it pure or applied. Descriptive original works of high quality and relevance will be considered for publication. All submitted manuscripts will be evaluated by Editors to decide if the content is suitable for publication in the Journal of Science Molinai.

The journal publishes manuscripts written in both English or Spanish. Is a peer-reviewed journal and invites the submission of 1) Research Paper, 2) Short Communication and 3) Perspective. Is an exclusively online publication, which allows us to publish articles as soon as they are ready, which benefits authors and allows our readers access to accepted papers. Papers published online are definitive, so authors should make every effort to ensure that the page proofs are correct. We are ensuring that the work published reaches the widest possible audience.

♦ Editorial Board providing a rigorous and rapid peer review.
♦ Rapid and transparent article publication process.
♦ Articles are immediately published after acceptance.
♦ Immediate open access can translate in greater visibility of yours.
♦ There are no page charges.

Peer Review Process
Each manuscript submitted to the Journal of Science Molinai will be reviewed by at least two external reviewers. This peer-review process aims to ensure the publication of high-quality articles.

  • Research Paper: studies reporting original and unpublished work. The extent of an article usually should not exceed 8,000 words.
  • Short Communication: reports on a concise study of high quality and to highlight significant preliminary findings. The main text is no more than 3,000 words.
  • Perspective: it provides a forum to present a novel viewpoint on any subject within the journal’s scope. Articles should not exceed 2,000 words.

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